Advance payment for producers

Any details can be clarified by phone 8 (861) 279-20-78 or writing to us

  • Financial assistance (advance payment) for growing crops. Recommendations on agricultural issues. Quick withdrawal procedure. After agreeing on the information, we quickly prepare a commercial offer.
  • High level of logistics. We can deliver any volume of products. Using motor vehicles and railway transport for the fastest possible deliveries.

Information on delivery conditions, contracts and payment procedure can be obtained from our managers


Krasnodar region

  • 8 (861) 279-20-78

  • 8 (861) 298-08-38

Краснодарский край


Separate Division “Stavropolskoe”

  • 8 (919) 734-76-86

Ставропольский край


Separate Division “Samarskoe”

  • 8 (918) 260-14-69

Самарская область



  • 8 (988) 765-01-75



Separate Division “Tamanskoe”

  • 8 (988) 669-38-48


Price list in port elevators

Price list in linear elevators

Scheme of work with suppliers

Any information about cooperation can be obtained from specialists by phone 8 (861) 279-20-78 or writing to us

We cooperate with leading Russian grain producers, giving them the opportunity to access the world market.

Working with us, farmers sell their products at the best prices. We are constantly increasing the volume of grain shipments.

Reliable partnership as a guarantee of stable business relations. Our professionalism and experience are the guarantee of the transparency

and legality of a transaction at any level. Success does not relax us, and obstacles only harden us. The industry is developing,

and we are growing with it. We conduct an objective examination of agricultural products, we study the reputation of the supplier.

We buy only cereals

We are ready to consider any offers of farmers by type of products purchased, and also explain the features of the implementation of different crops

Grain producers and exporters made a leap forward – they attained for Russian Federation the status of a world leader in grain trade.

The company "Demetra Trading" is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of the domestic agricultural market.
We have a developed supply chain, the experience of a team of professionals, stable growth indicators.
We have been working in the market since 2014. We have excellent reviews from partners, many years of experience in the trading sector. We carry out successful deliveries of agricultural products to large foreign customers.
Properly set priorities allowed “Demetra Trading” to become one of the three leaders among Russian grain exporting companies.
The “Demetra Trading” company is cooperating with reliable customers and looking for new ways that will ensure steady demand for domestic agricultural products from year to year. Our goal is to take hold in perspective markets and ensure Russian manufacturers the most favorable prices for products.