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The main types of products sold are wheat, barley, corn, oilseed crops. The company is developing a network of representative offices throughout the country, contacts directly with agricultural producers in key agricultural regions of Russia.

Demetra Trading actively cooperates with agricultural holdings and producers in terms of providing them with financial instruments, creating global framework programs for the development of trade and logistics partnerships in the regions.

Main value

The main value for Demetra Trading are our partners in the domestic market and buyers abroad. The recipe for success for us is long term business relationships and the high quality of the products supplied.

Best conditions for suppliers

  1. Professionally organized delivery, usage of different transport modes (automobile and rail). Own logistics schemes developed.
  2. Constant adherence to contractual obligations, exact observance of payment terms.
  3. Transaction support at all stages. Permanent consulting and information support.
  4. Competitive prices, readiness for dialogue.
  5. Flexible terms of grain supply.

The experience and professionalism of our specialists allow the company to expand constantly the geography of purchases and sales. We are always open to constructive suggestions.

Principles of cooperation with suppliers and buyers:

  1. Striving for mutual goals.
  2. Support and assistance in development.
  3. Focus on specific results.
  4. Responsibility for the contribution to joint achievements.
  5. We do more than it`s determined in the obligations.

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We buy only cereals

We buy grain crops

We consider any proposals of farmers on products purchased

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